Homily for Good Friday

We have just heard the Passion according to John. And how many ‘Passions’ there are in the world, going on in the world, how much suffering! Think of the Passion Syrians have been living for 4 years now. According to the Maronite Archbishop of Damascus, there are now three million refugees outside Syria, and 9 million displaced within it. A Dutch Jesuit was killed there the other day, Fr Franz and, on Tuesday of this week, a bomb killed 55 children in a school in Damascus. Then there is the succession of other disasters and conflicts the media … Continue reading

Homily for Maundy Thursday


‘The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it’ (Jn 1:5).

Tonight we’re with the Jesus and the Twelve in ‘the large upper room, furnished and ready’ (Mk 14:15).

‘Night has fallen’ (Jn 13:30), and there is a sense of mounting menace. Judas will slip out into the night and alert Jesus’ enemies to his whereabouts. And the squad of soldiers will put on weapons, take up clubs, prepare their lanterns and torches, ready to set out on the errand of arrest. And meanwhile the City settles down to sleep.

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Pastoral Letter for Palm Sunday 2014


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This is a short Pastoral Letter to mark the beginning of Holy Week. ‘Together in Christ’ is the motto of this diocese, and together in him we are, as it were, going up to Jerusalem. We are going up to share in his Paschal mystery: ‘dying he destroyed our death, rising he restored our life’. This is a time when God seems closer than usual, and touches us in fresh ways. It is a time when our vision of God’s will for our life can be refreshed and a new … Continue reading

Homily for the Chrism Mass


What is a priest? That’s the first question.

The second question is a terrible one.

Is he a pervert? Normally not, emphatically so, thanks be to God. But there’ll be rooms he enters where that will be the unspoken question.

So, what is a priest?